Fast charging is not exactly new, but not everyone has gotten the memo that fast charging is the superior way to charge your phone. Have you ever hooked your phone up to a charger and noticed that it was going to take several hours to charge? Although your charge cable may fit in the charger and phone just fine, it may not be charging it efficiently. There are a few things you need to check to be sure you’re getting the maximum power delivery. 

iPhone users: The iPhone SE 2020, and any iPhone X and beyond support fast charging. You may have noticed that your device came with a cable that looks like this.

This is the fast charging cable for the iPhone where one end is the all familiar lightning connector, and the other end is the newer USB-C. This will cut the time it takes to charge your phone in half. You need an adapter that supports USB-C or PD (Power Delivery) in order to use fast charging with your iPhone.

Android users: Most Android phones come with a USB-C cable on both ends that looks like this. This is the proper cable to use with your phone and you, too, need a charger that supports Power Delivery. If for some reason you didn’t get that cable and you’re still using the USB to USB-C cable like this…

Then it is most likely time to upgrade your charging set up. If you need to charge more than one device you may want to look at the newer style GaN chargers. These are Gallium Nitride chargers and they support higher wattage/voltage than older silicon based chargers. They can also charge other devices that charge with USB-C ports like Macbooks, laptops, and even some iPads!

If you have any questions about fast charging with your own phone, Jeremy can assist you in finding the best method and educate you on what to purchase, and how to use it.


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