Computer Repair



As Hattiesburg’s Computer Doctor, I’ve been fixing computers for over 20 years.

Servicing many different user issues needing computer repair including:

  • Slow Computers
  • Gaming Rigs/Custom Builds
    • Building and consulting
    • Thermal management
    • Part installation and troubleshooting
    • GPU/CPU bottleneck issues
    • Proper fan control
    • Proper memory and CPU optimization
  • Physical damage
    • Screen repair
    • Drive replacement
      Case replacement
    • Laptop top covers
    • Palm rests
    • Keyboards
    • Chassis
  • Water Damage
  • Part replacements
  • Power or charging issues
    • Batteries
    • Port replacement
    • Testing chargers/adapters
  • Data Recovery
    • Sudden file loss
    • Unbootable drives
    • “dead” drives
    • Flash drives/Memory cards
  • Software issues
    • Operating system issues
    • Internet or network issues
    • Viruses
    • Unbootable computers
    • Printer issues
    • Problems receiving your email
  • Networking & File Sharing
    • Trouble connecting
    • Speed issues
  • Password loss and removal

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I have experience with just about any tech issue you could encounter and can quickly come up with creative solutions for your many problems. Many users in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas report satisfaction in the way I can patiently and politely explain and removes issues that are bothering you. 

If you need many issues in your home or office fixed today, or any kind of computer repair give me a holler, give me a list, and we’ll knock them off one by one.

I love helping people with their tech problems and I have been gifted with the ability to do it quickly, professionally, and politely. Although most users usually only need to call me once, no good tech is worth his word alone, that’s why I back all my repairs with at least a 30 day guarantee. If you have the same problem again within 30 days give me a call and I’ll come fix it, it won’t cost you an extra dime if the issues are caused by the same problem. Nothing is perfect in the tech world and sometimes problems can hide dormant in a windows update or a system reboot and if that happens… you’ve got my number!