My name is Jeremy Thompson and I’ve been playing with tech all my life. Around 11 I started playing with HTML and designing websites. At age 14, I started getting experience with the internal workings of the computer and I’ve built on that foundation since.

I’ve helped thousands of Mississippians with their tech issues and I’d like to help you too.

Why should you choose me?

There are many options in Hattiesburg to repair your tech, no doubt, but there are several benefits to doing business with me: 

  • You can text me anytime. (Seriously!)
  • My average turnaround time for drop offs is 1-2 days. (If we don’t have to order parts, if we do, allow 3-5 days for part delivery)
  • My average issue response time is within 4 hours.
  • My average message response time to texts/calls/social media is 1 hour.
  • I can fix a lot of issues remotely.
  • I have a very high client retention rate.
  • I aim to please.
  • I take great pride in the work I do.
  • I offer creative solutions to your problems.
  • I can often fix things others have said can’t be fixed.
  • I have great feedback from previous clients.
  • I’m very patient.
  • I like to teach my clients how to do things. (Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 🙂   )
  • I have experience in many different areas of tech, including…
    • All types of computer, laptop, and phone repair (Virus removals, speed ups, Screens, batteries, sensors, cables, charge ports, charging issues)
    • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac OS
    • Internet issues (Slow speed, no connection, don’t want to sit on phone with Comcast for hours and hours getting no where)
    • Wifi signal issues
    • Audio/Sound recording solutions
    • Custom Built Computers and Gaming Rigs
    • Streaming
    • Surveillance (DVRs, IP-Cameras, Nest, Arlo, Ring, etc..)
    • Smart home solutions and integration
    • File loss
    • Data recovery
    • Password resets and recovery
    • Email issues (Outlook, IMAP, POP3, Mobile apps, security problems, etc)
    • Flash drive repair
    • Water damage
    • General maintenance
    • TVs, Sound systems, set up and solutions
    • Set top boxes (FireTV, Roku, Android TV, etc..)

There are many places you can go, but not many that can provide the experience, quality, and level of service that I do.

I’m just one guy who loves fixing stuff, how about you let me fix yours?

Text/Call me anytime @ 601-557-0411