If you’re in Hattiesburg and you need a virus removal, you need the Doc, stat!

The Doc’s been removing viruses from computers since he was ten years old. While they have changed their behavior and some have gotten down right nasty, (I’m looking at you, CryptoWall,) He’s come across few that can withstand his soon-to-be-patented formula for total virus removal. A good virus removal involves a full system cleaning. Many computers that come into our shop are being overwhelmed by a great number of unnecessary programs. That’s why we run a top to bottom cleaning on your computer. When you get it back, it’ll likely be faster than it ever was. We will remove the garbage programs. We will adjust the programs that start up with your computer. We will make it run better. We’ll put a little icon on your desktop that you need to click on occasionally to run routine updates. No worries, it’s a “set it and forget it” program.

Simplicity is the Doc’s goal for all of his clients. A lot of computer guys don’t seem to understand that. Simplicity. They don’t understand that you, the client, typically don’t speak nerd. Worry not, the Doc is a great translator of Nerd to English and will be happy to explain.

How long will it take?

As I said above, some computer viruses these days are just downright nasty. So our average turn around time for a computer virus is 24 hours. During this time we will scan your computer for viruses and remove all harmful and malicious things we find. Then we will scan it again. And if we have to, again. Until it comes up clean. Then we’ll scan it with another program and repeat the process. We’re very thorough and we work hard to make sure when you get your computer back, it runs better than it ever has before. While we can’t promise that (because some machines are just fast already) we will do our best to make it happen.

Will I lose my files?

While it is possible for a virus to be located on a file on your computer, it’s not likely that you will lose your data. However we always recommend that you back up your data if at all possible. If you don’t have any way to back up your data, we can do it for you. Here at the Doc’s office your data is priority #1 and we will do everything we can to keep your data safe.

Data Recovery


If you’re in Hattiesburg and you’ve recently lost your data, the Doc will find it and rescue it before it’s too late.

Please note, if you are currently in need of data recovery you should shut down the machine immediately. Using the device you have lost data on can over write your missing information.