We see broken laptop screens every week. We will gladly help return your laptop to its former glory. If you’re interested in laptop repair we’ve added a few common questions to assist you with your decision.

Do I need my screen repaired?

You open up your laptop to get some work done and the screen looks strange. Maybe you can see half of it. Maybe you can’t see any of it. Either way, you’re probably going to need a new screen. If necessary, The Doc will check your laptop to be sure it isn’t a loose cable or some other issue causing the screen to act strangely before suggesting a screen repair. Sometimes it’s very obviously broken, and other times it can be a little more subtle.

Laptop screens aren’t as flimsy as phone screens, but they’re still known to crack under pressure.

Our technicians are trained to carefully remove the broken screen in your laptop and replace it with a fully functional one. Our average turn around time is 3 days.

Why does it take 3 days?

We’re a small shop and we don’t have the resources to keep laptop screens in stock. However we have great suppliers who will quickly ship us the screens and we can usually install the screen the same day we receive the shipment. If you need it faster, ask! We should be able to expedite the order.

What about my touch screen? 

Yes we fix those too. It can take a little longer to get the part to replace your touch screen but we are up to the task! If we can get the part domestically you’re looking at about 1 week. If we can’t, it’s typically 2-4 weeks. It can take a while to get a part sent from China. Depending on the laptop, some touch displays are screwed onto the screen of your computer and others are glued. Please note if the display is glued it may not be possible to replace JUST the touch screen. In these cases we will quote you a price for the full display assembly.

What does it cost?

Every laptop is different. If you will call us with your make and model we will quote you a price for repair. Most laptop models are on the bottom and with HP/Compaq varieties it’s typically hiding under the battery. If you can’t find your model number give us a call at 601-557-0411 and we will be happy to assist you in locating it and quote you a price.