A custom built machine gives you the freedom to build your perfect computer. I’ve been building custom rigs since I was 16. Now just about every week I’m hired to build someone the best computer they’ve ever used. I’ve built and configured many custom machines that have been used for gaming, video editing, recording music, programming, media centers, servers, and more.

Every computer you see above, I built myself. I take great pride in the rigs I build, although some of the pictures you see may not be the final product, I sometimes forget to take pictures because I’m too busy making sure the computer I build for you is one that lasts you until you decide it’s time to replace it.

How does it work?

Every custom build requires a budget. I will ask you to set yours and will assist you in locating the proper parts to meet that budget. I will advise you on compromises if you begin to exceed your budget. These services are dealt with on a case-to-case basis and every machine is a unique product.

Why should I consider a custom build?

Do you know anyone who complains that their computer is “slow” ?

One of the main reasons people’s computers are slow is because they buy slow computers. Cheap computers are built with cheap components and therefore you get a sub-par machine.

I hold every machine I build to a high standard. Every machine must be tested continuously for performance before it can deemed suitable for your everyday use.

If you’re looking for person to build your custom computer be it for gaming, video or audio editing, graphic design, or anything else you may need, and you live around Hattiesburg, it’s time to pick up the phone and text or call 601-557-0411


Custom PC Builds start out at $300. This is my fee for helping you build the computer you want the most. Whether you want RGB and flashy, or quiet and low-key like a stealth bomber, I can build the rig that will blow your mind.


The cost to spec your rig and make sure all the parts will be compatible.
To fully assemble, test, and resolve any issues before permanently mounting the parts inside your case.
Fully install Windows and install all drivers.
Fully optimize hardware speeds and fan controls. <-THIS IS A BIG ONE THAT MOST “CUSTOM RIG BUILDERS” HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT.
Managing all the cables with zip ties to make sure the build is both neat and no wires will cause obstructions to fans.
Stress test your build for several hours to make sure the hardware will perform as you expect.
Assist end user with any issues that may occur when set up in home or office.

What if I need one fixed?

Give me a call! I have fixed hundreds, maybe getting close to a thousand… and I’d like to fix yours, too!