Tulip Boutique

I like projects. A lot. They take time, but they’re so much more fun.

tulipThere’s a little shop over in Crosscreek Parkway in the shopping center behind Chic Fil A. It’s called Tulip Boutique. Your wife, girlfriend, or significant other has probably already been there if you live in Hattiesburg or the surrounding areas. Mrs. Terri Holder, the owner, hired me to set up pretty much everything electronic in the store. I set up the surveillance, point-of-sale system, network, computer, printer, I hooked up her speakers and super-budget-friendly sound system, I even programmed the thermostat. Bless her heart, she’ll be the first to tell you that she is technologically illiterate. But with my help, several dozen phone calls, remote support, and helpful one-on-one time, I’ve helped open her doors and keep her functional. Since she’s opened I’ve had to address some crazy label printer issues (thanks a lot updates!) we had to review some surveillance footage (for those extra “handy” shoppers,) we set up a basic spreadsheet for tracking expenses (gotta manage that money!), a backup payment system (which we’ve already had to use!) we drilled some holes (she asked for the wires to be hidden as much as possible so that took some hole drillin’,) hung that giant mirror on the wall (gosh that thing was heavy) but I digress. I guess the point I’m really trying to bring across is that I will do just about anything to keep your business running. I rarely ever tell anyone “No.” that’s probably one of my downfalls. I’m learning, but if you have a good reason for wanting to do something, that’s enough motivation to put me to work on it immediately. Actually, immediately is a promise I can no longer deliver on, but I will respond as soon as possible, and provide a prompt solution if one exists. That’s my dedication to my projects.


This is an iPad Air 2 that we set up as her Point-of-sale system. To the left of the register is a bluetooth receipt printer. 

And the Tulip Boutique has been one of my favorite projects this year.