The Doc was hired by Bimbo Bakeries Manger Kevin to teach him how to work remotely.

The Doc was hired by Bimbo Bakeries Manager Kevin to teach him how to work remotely.

If you need to learn how to use your computer, smart phone, tablet or even need to be taught to use a certain kind of software and you live in the Hattiesburg area, the Doc is happy to be your new teacher.

How does it work?

You call the shop, and tell us you want to book a lesson. We’re going to ask if you want to come to us or if you want us to come to you. We’re happy to oblige either way. Many individuals in the Hattiesburg area have benefited from one-on-one Computer/Technology lessons with the Doc and you will too!

I’m really technology illiterate though, I don’t think The Doc can teach me.

“They all say that when I first meet them.” – Jeremy Thompson, Hattiesburg Computer Doctor

The Doc has instilled confidence in many of his clients by promising to be patient and understanding. It doesn’t matter if you need to be shown the same process 100 times, the Doc is patient, and challenges you to become his first unteachable student.

He’s heard the phrase “Computer illiterate” well over a thousand times and has yet to meet a student who could not grasp the simplicity of his lessons.

“By the end of it, they have this glow about them. They’re extremely excited. They’re finally beginning to understand that it’s really not that hard, it just seems that way at first.”

But I’m [insert age here] and I just don’t think I can do it.

The Doc begs to differ. So far the oldest client he’s given lessons to was 75.

“You should’ve seen her face when I showed her how easy it was to use Siri to send messages to her children. The truth is, you’re never too old, you just think you are.”

What can I expect out of my first lesson?

“Before we ever begin to learn anything about computers, I want to learn about you. I’m going to ask about you. Where you came from, what you do, what your goals are, how many kids you have, if you have pets, etc. Before we can enter a conducive learning environment we have to be comfortable with one another. I love discovering what other people are into and how they got where they are in life. I’ve met some of the coolest people over the years. I’ve also seen gorgeous homes, beautiful pieces of art work, pieces of history, and I’ve heard some incredible life stories. I love Hattiesburg and its people and I’m always excited to meet new clients. I usually spend the first ten minutes getting to know you, then we’ll begin our lesson”

Now that you and the Doc are acquainted, he will spend the next hour finding the best way to accomplish your task(s), break them down into easy to follow and understand steps then walk you through them. The process is very friendly to all types of learners.

The Doc will:

  • Find out what you want to do
  • Repeat the process and develop clear steps
  • Then instruct you to write down those steps
  • Walk you through everything a second time
  • Let you take over and follow your notes

From there he will let you decide. Either practice that task some more, or move on to another task you want to do. You can keep the Doc for a maximum of 2 hours. Most client’s lessons are only one hour, however depending on your needs the Doc can extend the lesson for an additional hour.

The Doc highly recommends taking notes on his lessons and be sure to do your homework! Practice what you learned or you WILL forget it!