Monday is my favorite day of the week

Doc’s up at 5 AM catching up on work leftover from last week. Because I always try to deliver in a timely fashion for my clients I have to make sacrifices of my own. Getting up early doesn’t bother me a bit. A cup of coffee and a little music to keep me focused and I’m ready to take on the day.


I’m helping 3 clients transition over to new machines today. The pressure is on.

What pressure? To do the absolute best job I can.

When it comes to introducing a user to a new machine I like to make the transition as seamless as possible. That’s why I go into their old computer and pull out keys for software they used previously. Most notably, Microsoft Office.

Using a program called Recover Keys I can hook a client’s old hard drive up to my computer and extract the old serials to transfer to the new machine. Within a few minutes of letting Recover Keys scan, I have access to all the old serials.


Once I’ve successfully transferred the data and restored the software, I go through and update everything.

When a computer leaves my shop for the first time I set up a remote support program to guarantee your satisfaction. If my users encounter any problems after I’ve set it up and gone back to the office, I can connect over the internet to address any additional issues.

I take great pride in what I do and when I put my name on something, I want it to last. I want my clients to be extremely happy with my services. That’s why I go above and beyond for all of them.

Well I’d love to sit around and type up more blog posts but I got computers to fix.

Until next time, Hattiesburg.