Is It Stolen?

Lost-iPhoneCheck Craigslist or a local Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook and you will be inundated with second hand electronic goods. But is the deal good?

Use these tips to make sure you don’t buy an expensive paperweight:

  • Ask the seller to give you the IMEI/MEID number of the phone. This can be found by opening the phone app and hitting *#06# (That’s star, pound, zero, six, pound)
  • Call the carrier of the phone (Just google [insert carrier] customer support) and tell them you’re looking to purchase the phone and just want to make sure it’s clear for activation.
  • If the seller refuses to give you the number, find a better deal elsewhere.
  • A legitimate seller will give you time to make sure the deal is good.

Okay, so the IMEI’s clear, are we good?

Maybe, but not quite. You also want to make sure if you’re buying an Apple device that it is not currently logged into iCloud.

By visiting: you can enter the IMEI or serial of the device there and make sure it isn’t locked.

If that’s clear, then you’re good to go! The deal is legit, congratulations!

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