Why I Do This

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside of me. When I was eight, I was running a lemonade stand and making sure people liked the product. But now I spend my days making sure your device always leaves in a better condition than it arrived. Computers have been my life since I was old enough to push buttons. Most of the

Ransomware: What is it and what can I do?

If you have important data stored on your computer such as, pictures, documents, videos, company files, databases or any other data you value, you need to read this. You’re checking your email and you open an attachment from someone you know. In just a few moments your virus protection may alert you that it’s caught a

Inside Your Flash Drive

Recently I located an old flash drive I thought I’d lost so I stick it in my computer to use it for some work. But I couldn’t get it to read. So I thought I’d bust it open instead. I can sometimes repair these drives because the joints inside just require a little resoldering. So

Why Repairs Come To Me

  Saturday is one of my appointment only days. It’s a great day for me to relax and handle any unfinished work without my clients, the good people of Hattiesburg and their computer problems ringing my phone off the hook. Today, however, I am going full blast. I have been since 5:30 this morning. This

Has Microsoft offered to remove a virus from your computer?

My client called me yesterday and told me she received a call from Microsoft to help her remove viruses from her computer. A clever scam that these people (who are most definitely not from Microsoft) used to gain access to her computer. They connected to her computer, confirmed she had a virus and told her for

How We Remove Viruses

When you bring your computer to the Doc for a virus removal we go through a rigorous process of getting rid of all types of junk that tend to mess up the performance of your PC. Our Process is outlined below for your convenience: Remove all programs that are known to cause problems (such as

How To Prevent Virus Infections

Want to know the real way to keep viruses off of your computer? It’s going to require you to educate yourself on proper prevention. While there is no 100% sure way to keep your computer free of viruses there are several precautionary measures you can take to keep your machine up to date, and less

Laptop Screen Replacement

Today’s patient was a Lenovo laptop with a broken screen. There’s no saving a screen when it’s already this far gone. It has to be replaced. The procedure is pretty easy but it is not for the timid. First we have to remove the bezel. To remove the bezel we must remove the two screws