The Call That Costs You

We have clients come into our shop every week. They saw a pop up. It instructed them to call a number. They get on the phone with someone claiming to be from a legitimate company but their only goal is to siphon your hard earned dollars out of your bank account. We want to help

Bring Me Your Odd Jobs

I do work of all kinds. I do work that other computer guys would look at and go, “No way.” I do odd Computer jobs in Hattiesburg. This week alone I’ve helped a client type up a legal document with a summary of finances for some issues she’s handling for her mother. I am helping another

Calendar Spam

I opened my email this morning and saw that some events had been added to my calendar without my permission. I consider this a breach of my privacy. Who the heck can just add events to MY calendar? Well, until I changed some things in my Google Calendar this morning, ANYONE COULD! So here’s how you keep this

4 months and growing!

If you did business with me this time last year (or up until July of this year) you would have seen me operating out of a little house with a green front door. This used to be my home office. After pretty much cramming this tiny house to capacity, my fiancee was either going to

Tulip Boutique

I like projects. A lot. They take time, but they’re so much more fun. There’s a little shop over in Crosscreek Parkway in the shopping center behind Chic Fil A. It’s called Tulip Boutique. Your wife, girlfriend, or significant other has probably already been there if you live in Hattiesburg or the surrounding areas. Mrs.

Monday is my favorite day of the week

Doc’s up at 5 AM catching up on work leftover from last week. Because I always try to deliver in a timely fashion for my clients I have to make sacrifices of my own. Getting up early doesn’t bother me a bit. A cup of coffee and a little music to keep me focused and

Can You Do It For Cheaper If I Forgo The Warranty?

I was recently messaged on Facebook and asked by a potential client if I would do this for an iPhone 5S repair. The answer is no. And I’d like to tell everyone why: I purchase only the best quality screens because if I put my company name on it–I want it to last. Right now

Public Wifi: Why You Should Think Twice

I’m in Dallas, TX for a little R&R while my fiance attends a convention for her job. Right now I’m at the Crooked Tree Coffee Shop connected to their public wifi and I figured what better time to discuss some safe browsing habits? Whether you understand technology or not is irrelevant, there are a few things

Is It Stolen?

Check Craigslist or a local Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook and you will be inundated with second hand electronic goods. But is the deal good? Use these tips to make sure you don’t buy an expensive paperweight: Ask the seller to give you the IMEI/MEID number of the phone. This can be found by opening the phone

What To Do When Your Phone Gets Wet

I see wet phones a pretty good bit here in the Doc’s office. While I don’t recommend anyone go swimming with their device or even get it near water, accidents happen and the Doc’s here to put you on the right track. If you’re one of the unfortunate people to drop your phone in the