Can You Do It For Cheaper If I Forgo The Warranty?

I was recently messaged on Facebook and asked by a potential client if I would do this for an iPhone 5S repair. The answer is no. And I’d like to tell everyone why:

I purchase only the best quality screens because if I put my company name on it–I want it to last. Right now my screens cost $60/each. This time last year they were 30. Despite the 50% increase in price over this year, I have made a decision to continue to offer the repair for $99. For comparison, the last time I checked, some of my competition¬†was doing the iPhone 5S for 139 But I digress. I am not my competition. My Google ratings will tell you that real fast. I run my shop with my heart. I truly love what I do and I believe I do great work. That’s why people bring their devices to me. Because I make sure that you’re 100% happy with the repair. If something doesn’t work right, you can bring it back within that year and I will swap it out at no extra cost. No gimmicks no catches. As long as it’s not damaged, the screen is covered. While sometimes this requires me to work on your phone for a lot longer than anticipated, I do it because I couldn’t provide anything but exceptional service. I’m very proud of my work. I double and triple check that everything is done to my strict specifications. The other shops don’t necessarily guarantee you that. I understand that $99 is more than you might be able to pay some other guy to do it. But I’m not just some other guy. I’m the owner of the Hattiesburg Computer Doctor and I am proud of my business and the work I do and believe whole-heartedly that I am worth every bit I ask for.

Also, for your convenience, here’s a few recent clients who were super happy that I warranty my work on their iPhones:

Mrs. Mitchell of Petal has had to bring me her iPhone 5 TWICE because the screen was coming up from its housing. Both times I replaced it quickly and with a smile on my face.

She also replaced her battery through us and it started acting up as well, so we replaced that too!

Amber of Petal brought me her iPhone 6 about 3 weeks ago to replace the display, today (10/26/15) she brought it in saying the screen was acting strangely. 45 minutes later she was walking out with her new screen, and it didn’t cost her a dime extra!

Heather got her iPhone 5 battery replaced about 2 months ago, she recently brought it in because it was having issues. But it too was covered under the warranty.

Why would you trust your very expensive device with anyone who DIDN’T offer a warranty? Can you really afford that?

We believe in making our clients happy, even if that means we have to do revisions on your devices. We just believe in doing it right.

So again, as long as the device is not damaged, it’s covered. So bring it on and and let us make you our next happy client!


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