Bring Me Your Odd Jobs

I do work of all kinds. I do work that other computer guys would look at and go,

“No way.”

I do odd Computer jobs in Hattiesburg.

This week alone I’ve helped a client type up a legal document with a summary of finances for some issues she’s handling for her mother.

I am helping another client, who is a lawyer here in Hattiesburg, combine a bunch of PDFs into one large file with a clickable table of contents. I am also helping her optimize this for mobile viewing so it is easily viewed on devices like iPads, Tablets, iPhones, and Androids.

These are just some of the many odd jobs I’ve taken on in my career. So I encourage you to give me a call, text, or email if you need some specialized computer services. I agree to hear you out, give you my opinion on your best course of action, and assist you in any way I can. It’s my goal to get you closer to your goal. It’s literally why I got into this business.

So as I’m sitting here at 10:44 PM on a Tuesday night when I have to be up super early to co-host my radio show in Jackson, working on finishing up this PDF thing so my client can have it ready for Thursday morning. I want to assure you that, Yes, I probably am the guy for the job and it would behoove you (and your sanity) to give me a shout and see if I can help you out. I’ll go ahead and let you know that my services are not what one would call “cheap” for these odd jobs. I think they’re reasonable given my skill set, attention to detail, and expertise based on your needs, and your priorities. (I should note, depending on what you’re looking to do and how much time it will take, I always try to keep things fair.)

I will get it done as fast as I can. Especially if you let me know ahead of time that it is essential to have it done within a tight time frame. I work very hard for my clients. I will work hard for you, too.

Now I gotta go get back to this PDF thing so I can go to sleep.

Doc out!