Why I Do This

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside of me. When I was eight, I was running a lemonade stand and making sure people liked the product. But now I spend my days making sure your device always leaves in a better condition than it arrived. Computers have been my life since I was old enough to push buttons.

Most of the time you give a kid something brightly colored and made of heavy plastic so they can drool all over it and do all the gross things kids do with every day toys. My parents may have done the same thing at first but eventually they upgraded me to one of these:


If you don’t know your keyboards then you didn’t just utter the phrase, “Holy smokes, that’s an IBM clicky keyboard!” That’s really what everyone calls them. Use one and you’ll call it the same thing, even though you may have never uttered the words “Clicky keyboard” in your life, that’s exactly how you would describe it.

When I was older (and PCs were more accessible) I would venture to Sam’s Club with my mom just to play on the computers. I was hooked! That was when I was 9. I’m 28 now. For almost 13 years, I’ve been dedicated to learning and repairing, and I’m still on that mission.

I’ve learned to believe in simple.

If it’s not simple, people are generally not interested.

So I keep it simple for you.

I’ll deal with the complex for you.

That’s why I’m consistently called upon to respond to the demands of my fellow citizens of Hattiesburg.

Every day I push myself to greater heights. I take on new challenges, and consistently show my clients that there is a solution to their problem.

I have great vision for my business, for what I can do for my community, and I do what I do for people just like you.

If you’re looking for a computer guy who can assist you in meeting your goals I’d like to help you get started today.

(601) 557-0411