Why Repairs Come To Me


Saturday is one of my appointment only days. It’s a great day for me to relax and handle any unfinished work without my clients, the good people of Hattiesburg and their computer problems ringing my phone off the hook. Today, however, I am going full blast. I have been since 5:30 this morning. This is what I do for my clients when the need arises. I get up before the rooster does.

Two cups of coffee into the day and I’m simultaneously working on five computers.

Two of these computers, which I built five years ago, belong to Jack and Bob. They’re two brothers who live out of town and they’re going back home tomorrow. Another I promised to Mrs. Rothery would be ready today and she’ll be getting it back today. Just did a custom build for Mr. Vincent and now I’m configuring it to make sure it’s going to perform to my standards.

When I tell my clients I’m going to do something, I do it.

When you bring something broken to me, I fix it.

There’s only one person behind all the repairs, there’s only one Hattiesburg Computer Doctor.

I’ve grown my business by being dependable, having pride in my work, looking out for the well being of my clients, and staying solution oriented. I create relationships with my clients. When they call my phone number, they ask for me specifically. Because I get up before the rooster does. Because my tenacious nature makes me a steam roller for your technology woes. Because I’ve been doing this for almost half of my life. Because I love what I do. And I’ve gotten very good at creating solutions. So if you need a solution to your technology problems, you need to give me a call today.

Right now, there’s someone out there with a problem and they wish they had “that guy’s” number. Today it may not be you, but tomorrow? Who knows.

All I know is, I’m “that guy” for a lot of people with computer problems in Hattiesburg and I look forward to hearing from you next. So give me a call at (601) 557-0411

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