If you’re in Hattiesburg and you’ve recently lost your data, the Doc will find it and rescue it before it’s too late.

Please note, if you are currently in need of data recovery you should shut down the machine immediately. Using the device you have lost data on can over write your missing information.

What is data recovery?

It’s an unfortunate occurrence when you fire up your computer and suddenly you can’t read your valuable files. We’ve seen it happen a lot in this business and we never get used to it. Data recovery is necessary to retrieve your files from a flash drive, hard drive, external drive, or SD card. From accidentally deleted term papers to irreplaceable pictures of family and loved ones.  Or any other data you value, we may be able to recover it from your dead drive.

Data recovery is not 100%.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee that we can rescue your data. We can only let you know we’ve saved plenty of other’s data in the past and yours is probably able to be saved too. The sooner you can get the device to the Doc the sooner he can let you know.

What can I expect with data recovery?

First, we will remove your media (hard drive, external drive, flash drive, SD card, etc..) and make sure that nothing can overwrite it. When you’re recovering data from a drive you do not want any data to be overwritten. So we will transfer it to another machine and begin the data recovery process.  This process can and usually does take several days. We attempt recovery with many methods and will not conclude that your data is gone until we’ve exhausted all efforts. With data recovery, patience is required.

The Doc has a pretty good track record for saving lost files and has located thousands of lost files including:

Important documents (tax returns, records, receipts, school papers, recipes, and many more)
Books (for clients who were writers)
Spreadsheets (The doc saved a client 12+ hours of additional work by recovering a very important spreadsheet)
Songs/Recordings from professional studios and amateur artists, and of course, personal music collections
Videos & Pictures of deceased family members, babies, births, birthday parties, family reunions, friends, and so on.