A custom built machine gives you the freedom to build your perfect computer. The Doc’s been building custom rigs since he was 16. With the rigorous research and experience he brings to the table, he’s built and configured many custom machines that have been used for gaming, video editing, recording music, media centers, and servers. His services are sought out by those who know they need someone who can take on a build, address setbacks, and deliver in a timely fashion. His expertise allows him to do this with a very quick turnaround.

How does it work?

Every custom build requires a budget. The Doc will ask you to set yours and will assist you in locating the proper parts to meet that budget. He will advise you on compromises if you begin to exceed your budget. These services are dealt with on a case-to-case basis and no two builds the Doc constructs are the same.

Why should I consider a custom build?

Do you know anyone who complains that their computer is “slow” ?

One of the main reasons people’s computers are slow is because they buy slow computers. Cheap computers are built with cheap components and therefore you get a sub-par machine. However, if you have control over all the components that go into your new computer you could make sure that slow becomes a thing of the past.

The Computer Doctor is going to help you find all the right hardware for your needs and budget.

Building a quality computer requires rigorous amounts of research. I read into all the parts we’re buying. I make sure everything is compatible. I make sure that the vast majority of people that purchased that item were happy with it. And if they weren’t happy with it, what was the problem? I spend hours on each custom build. You have to be particular. – Jeremy Thompson, Hattiesburg’s Computer Doctor

The Computer Doctor holds every machine he builds to a high standard. Every machine must be tested continuously for performance before he can deem it suitable for your everyday use.

If you’re looking for a suitable person for building your custom computer be it for gaming, video or audio editing, graphic design, or anything else you may need, and you live in Hattiesburg, the Computer Doctor is just a phone call away.