Laptop Screen Replacement

Today’s patient was a Lenovo laptop with a broken screen.

There’s no saving a screen when it’s already this far gone. It has to be replaced. The procedure is pretty easy but it is not for the timid.


First we have to remove the bezel. To remove the bezel we must remove the two screws in the bottom corners. Most screens have screws in all four corners. These screws are typically covered by some type of rubber spacer. Remove the spacer with your fingernail or a small flat-head screwdriver and proceed.

Once the screws are removed, the bezel will easily pop off. It is easier to remove the bezel by pulling the plastic around the inside of the screen. Be gentle, this plastic is very thin.

20130612_104153Once the bezel is off, there are two more screws to be removed in the bottom corners and this will allow the top of the laptop case to come loose so we can get to the back of the screen. Since we are replacing the screen we will need to remove the 6 screws along the edges of the screen.


20130612_104653On the back of the screen is a ribbon cable like this. Gently remove the tape from the top of the cable (pictured here to the right) and pull the cable out of the current socket.

Put the old screen aside and flip the new one over. Insert the cable and lay the screen over on its back. Before putting everything back together we want to test and make sure we have a fully working screen and a good connection on the cable.

20130612_104711 Everything looks good! Secure the ribbon cable with tape and screw everything back in. Be mindful of the LCD cable when clamping the screen back together as it can sometimes get in the way.

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