Do people sound muffled when you put them on speaker? Are you having trouble enjoying your tunes or watching movies without headphones in? Well, If you’re in Hattiesburg and you need to get your iPhone speaker replaced, you’ve come to the right place. A faulty speaker can make it difficult to enjoy the full functionality of your phone, but no worries, we can replace your iPhone speaker with a brand new one. Our technicians will carefully remove your old iPhone speaker and the sounds that were once muffled will be crystal clear again.

We back all of our iPhone speaker replacements with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. If you have a problem with the replacement speaker within one year of purchase, and it is not damaged, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

How long does the speaker repair take?

We say an hour just to be safe. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve learned all the right and wrong things to do. When it comes to iPhone repair knowing what not to do is very valuable information.  We know there aren’t a lot of places in Hattiesburg where you can drop your iPhone to get your speaker repaired and pick it up an hour later and we’re happy to be one of the few places where you can.

Do you repair any other smart phones?

Yes we do! We can and do fix many different brands of Smart Phones every day. Whether it’s Samsung, LG, or any other brand, we’re happy to examine any device you have and, if possible, repair it. The Doc always loves a challenge and agrees to examine any device to determine if he can repair it. So bring it on into the shop and let the Doc fix you up!