How We Remove Viruses

When you bring your computer to the Doc for a virus removal we go through a rigorous process of getting rid of all types of junk that tend to mess up the performance of your PC.

Our Process is outlined below for your convenience:

  1. Remove all programs that are known to cause problems (such as slow downs, freeze ups, or browser hi-jacking)
  2. Run a thorough malware scan to remove all malware.
  3. Run a second malware scan to be sure the first scan got everything.
  4. Run a thorough virus scan to remove all viruses.
  5. Run a second virus scan to be sure the first got everything.
  6. Reset your default search engine, remove bad add-ons and extensions.
  7. We install a secure browser like Google Chrome and set up AdBlock.
  8. We make sure only the essential programs are loading when you start Windows. (Faster boot up time)
  9. We clean all your temporary files, history, and so forth to free up space on your computer.
  10. We take one last look at everything to be sure your computer is performing properly.
  11. We call and let you know it’s time to pick it up.
  12. We typically do this within one day.