Has Microsoft offered to remove a virus from your computer?

My client called me yesterday and told me she received a call from Microsoft to help her remove viruses from her computer.

A clever scam that these people (who are most definitely not from Microsoft) used to gain access to her computer.

They connected to her computer, confirmed she had a virus and told her for $199 they’d remove the virus, no problem.

Well she didn’t agree to the charges, and she no longer agreed that these people should have access to her computer.

So how exactly did they get her information?

Chances are, they didn’t. In fact it’s rather common for someone in Hattiesburg to have a computer with some problems so it’s as easy as calling a random number, gaining credibility via a big name and then “scanning” to let you know what they’ve found.

Don’t be a victim to a scam like this. Take your computer somewhere local to someone you can trust.

Please tell your friends about this scam and be aware it could happen to anyone.


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